Turabian Style Writing Guide

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Turabian Guide

Turabian Style Guide University students, college students and even high school students find it hard to write Turabian style papers. Various factors hinder students from writing Turabian style papers. First, lack of knowledge on how to write Turabian style papers and this has hindered them from writing quality papers using Turabian style. Instructors are supposed to teach students how to write Turabian style papers to enable them write Turabian papers. However, most institutions do not offer training to students on how to write Turabian papers and this has made it hard for students to write Turabian style papers.

Second, lack of time has also made it hard for learners to write Turabian style papers. Majority of the students do not have adequate time to write their papers and research more on the Turabian style and this has influenced the kind of papers they write and their grades. Students who have not used Turabian style well in their papers have gotten low grades. On the other hand, students who have used Turabian style well in their work have gotten good grades. Students have been forced to rely on writing guides when writing their papers. There are different kinds of guides for each writing style like APA style guide, MLA style guide and Turabian style guide.

Students are supposed to use the right guide when writing their papers. Students writing Turabian papers are supposed to use Turabian style guide. Turabian style guide offers guidelines that students can follow when completing their papers. First, the Turabian style guide helps students learn how to format their papers and write reference list. The references list for a Turabian paper is written differently from the reference list for an APA paper and MLA paper. Students should include all the references they have used to write their papers. The students should write the sir n\me first followed by the other names. After writing the surname, they should write the title of the book being used, place of publication and publisher. After that, they should write the year of publication and page numbers. The place of publication and publisher and year of publication should be put in a single bracket as shown below:

  John Hope, Frank, Geoffrey Willy: A bibliography (Chicago: university of Chicago press, 1978)52The names of the authors, title of the book and the year of publication and page numbers should be separated using a comma according to Turabian style guide. The title of the book should be italicized. The Turabian style guide has also shown how students can write journal articles in the reference list. Journal articles are referenced differently from books. The student is supposed to write the names of the author followed by the title of the book then the publisher or journal, year of publication and page numbers. The year of publication should be put in brackets as shown below:

  Richard Jack, “running down: Regional inequality”, Australian Geographer 14(1978):180.The bibliography entries should be arranged in an alphabetical order. The references should be flushed left and then the writer should use hanging indentations to indent the references. Like other guides, the Turabian style guide provides students with an opportunity to indent their references. The bibliography entries should place the surname first followed by a comma and then the first name. Students should include page numbers in the bibliography list if the item used is part of a book. According to Turabian style guide, students are supposed to indicate the page numbers if they use a chapter in a book or an article in a periodical. The entries of the bibliography should be single spaced within each entry and double-spaced between the references. Students should follow the guidelines outlined by the Turabian style guide when writing their reference list and formatting references.

Apart from providing information on how to write a bibliography, Turabian style guide provides information on how to format the paper including margins needed, spacing in the text and title page. The Turabian style guide requires students should include pages numbers in their papers. The paper and the bibliography page should be numbered. The first page of the paper should be numbered at the bottom center of the page. The subsequent pages should be numbered on the upper right hand corner. The content of the paper should be double-spaced and students should use I inch margin on both sides and at the top and bottom.

The Turabian style guide requires students to include block quotations. Students should include block quotations where they have quotations that are more than five lines. The block quotations should be single spaced and indented. They should also be separated from the content of the paper with a blank line before and after the quote. Lastly, students should include a title page. The title page should have topic of the paper, students name, instructor name and date of submission if necessary. It should also have the course code according to Turabian style guide.