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Benefit from assistance in writing Chicago style papers from professional and experienced writers in your academic realm.

Chicago Style Writing Services

If you need Chicago style papers such as Chicago style essays, Chicago style term papers, Chicago style reports, Chicago style reviews Chicago style research papers and Chicago style thesis. Our writers at write Chicago style papers on any topic and any level may it be high school, college or university. To use the services fill in the inquiry form on our website with your details and we will contact you, you can alternatively talk to us on the live chat or through email.

Best Chicago Style writing Services

Some students are unable to complete Chicago style papers by the deadline because they face challenges when preparing the paper. Our company is reliable and will complete your paper before the deadline. Our writers have adequate knowledge on writing a range of Chicago writing style papers such as Chicago style essays, Chicago style term papers, Chicago style research papers and Chicago style thesis. They are experts in writing different academic and non-academic papers using Chicago style.

Our writers have excellent writing skills such as; time management skills, organization skills, communication skills, technical skills such as library and internet searching skills. Show proficiency in citing sources, selecting appropriate research method and, implementing empirical research. For these reason they are able to provide our customers with an outstanding Chicago style papers. Our editors offer free revision on the papers. They cite sources using Chicago style to prevent the paper from plagiarism; our company also has plagiarism detecting software. Our editors also check spelling and grammar mistakes on the paper.

Our papers follow basic guideline of Chicago writing style. Chicago style of formatting was designed by the University of Chicago as a guide for academic writing. Chicago style uses two style of documentation, one style is used in humanity like literature, history and arts, and the other one is used in social sciences. These Chicago writing style is note- bibliography and author date system. In note-bibliography reference sources are cited in the footnote and end notes. Footnotes are written at the end of the page on which the sources are referenced and end notes are compiled at the end of the chapter.

Citation is done by our writers each time they use a source either through direct quote or paraphrase. Bibliography sources are arranged alphabetically, the page have a title bibliography. The references have the following elements; authors name written as follows the first name becomes the last and the last name is written first and they are separated by a comma. Titles of journals, books are italicized and title for articles and chapters are quoted. The year of publication is written after the publisher.

Best Chicago Style writing Services

Our Chicago style essays, Chicago style term papers, Chicago style research papers and research paper thesis are organized and present ideas in a logic manner and they are free from errors. Our customers enjoy unlimited revision, free first page and bibliography page, original papers written from scratch, Chicago papers of high quality, confidentiality and authenticity guarantee.

Our writers understand that Chicago style writing should be approached with special attention because it involves deep knowledge of formatting and styles. For example, our report have the following structure; title page, acknowledgment, abstract, content page, introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, conclusion, recommendation, appendices and bibliography. Research paper have an introduction with research question stated, a literature review part, methodology where research procedures and strategies is described, sample and sampling technique is also described. In results the research finding is described. Discussion/conclusion, there is general discussion of the extent of research finding. Therefore besides using Chicago style format of writing they ensure that papers are in their right structure and free from grammar errors.

Our writers use the following academic writing process which involves four parts; research, planning, writing and finalizing. In Research our writers understand and find information about the topic from library sources and internet read them and chooses the sources that will help in writing and discard the ones that won’t. These sources are cited using Chicago writing style. Planning involves sorting out information written when researching. Our writers make a list of ideas with the main idea first followed by the related points. They write an introductory paragraph that explains the overall topic and little background information.

The body paragraphs are arranged logically, a concluding paragraph is written with summary of everything said in the paper. A bibliography is used to citing all the sources used to ensure the work is not plagiarized. Our writers draft first from the notes. Then draft is read by our editors to check the order of information, the main points and their supporting points. They also check if the information is relevant to the title. The last point is finalizing which involves proofreading checking the language and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes.

Chicago Manual of Style is the preferred documentation style of history and other humanities. When writing Chicago style papers students should uses notes or endnotes in-text referencing and a bibliography at the end to indicate sources that were referenced in the text. The paper should be double-spaced and should have margins of at least one inch on both sides and at the top and bottom of every page. All pages should be numbered except preliminary pages, including pages of notes and works cited pages. The page number should be placed at the top of the page either in the center or to the right margin.

Where there are Long quotations they should be set off from the regular text. The quotations should be indented four spaces from the left margin. Single-space the quotation but double-space above and below the quotation. When student set off a quotation from the text, they should not use quotation marks. Notes should be listed at the bottom of the page if footnoted and at the end of the paper if endnote.

Notes should be single-spaced within the same note and double-spaced between individual notes.

One should begin the note with the author's first and last name; then list the title; and then give the publishing information and page numbers.